Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet Bleno 3D (06)

At BLENO, We Care About Quality Instead Of Quantity.

We have wide range of aluminium cabinetry products to meet each individual style and taste. In other words, you will get to choose your favorite designs, frame color, cabinet panels, drawers’ positions as well as table top material, all custom-made according to your preference.

Other than stylish and visually aesthetic, a functional cabinetry that last for many years is what makes it value for money.

BLENO emphasize on quality even to the smallest details like soft close hinges and door lift hydraulic springs with pneumatic support.

All accessories parts we use are famous brand originally imported from Germany and comes with 10 years warranty.

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Aluminium kitchen cabinet is more durable, easier to maintain and completely odorless compared to traditional wood kitchen cabinet.

The neat and smooth finishes of aluminium kitchen cabinet lifts your kitchen up to a whole new level.

Shoe Cabinet

Custom-made your shoe cabinet the way you love!

It is fully made of aluminium, 100% water resistant and termite-proof which makes it ideal for outdoor storage.

Check out our classy and elegant designs of aluminium shoe cabinet today!

Pole System

Pole system wardrobe a.k.a walk-in wardrobe looks modern and spacious, allowing you to go through all your apparels with just one glance.

Pole system wardrobe is perfect for modern living lifestyle as it is more convenient and time-saving when selecting your daily outfit.

Sleek and modern aluminium kitchen cabinet designs that inspires your daily living.

BLENO Aluminium Shoe Cabinet (Black)
BLENO Aluminium Shoe Cabinet (Red)

Aluminium shoe cabinets in strong and vibrant colors brighten up your day!

BLENO Aluminium Wardrobe Cabinet
BLENO Aluminium Pole System

Contemporary walk-in wardrobe is literally a room all by it’s own!