Time to remodel your kitchen? Or are you planning to install kitchen cabinets for your new house?

If you are aware of the latest market trend, you might have come across with aluminium kitchen cabinet.

Yes, aluminium is one of the popular material choice for kitchen cabinet thanks to all the advantages it offers.

In fact, aluminium kitchen cabinets simply outstand traditional wood or fiberboard kitchen cabinets in various way.

If you are not familiar with aluminium kitchen cabinets, here’s a complete A to Z guide. 

1. What Is Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet?

Aluminium kitchen cabinet was first introduced to Malaysia’s market back in year 2008.

It is considered a breakthrough in kitchen cabinetry world as aluminium has prominent performance over wood derivatives cabinets.

As it’s name suggests, aluminium kitchen cabinet is made of solely aluminium without involving any usage of wood derivatives materials.

A look inside full aluminium BLENO cabinet

A full aluminium kitchen cabinet, does not only limit to cabinet doors or front panels. You will find various cabinet parts like back panels, carcasses, drawers and shelves all made of aluminium.

Never get confused with normal kitchen cabinets that only uses aluminium cabinet doors.

Wonder what’s so special about aluminium kitchen cabinet?

  • Aluminium is a stable metal. It is non-corrosive, non-flammable and odorless.
  • Kitchen cabinet made of aluminium is definitely durable, safe, hygienic, termite-free, waterproof and anti-rust.
  • Not forgetting to mention that aluminium kitchen cabinets also come with sleek finishing that hardly found in other types of kitchen cabinets.

For all the benefits that aluminium offers, the demand of aluminium kitchen cabinets are ever growing, making these cabinets the number one choice when it comes to kitchen cabinetry.

2. Why Choose BLENO Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet?

Aluminium kitchen cabinet by BLENO

BLENO is one of the leading aluminium kitchen cabinets manufacturers in Johor Bahru.

As BLENO cares about quality more than quantity. We have gained trust of many good customer feedback and keep excellent track records in terms of quality and workmanship.

Here’s what we offer:

  • FREE on-site measurement
  • FREE quotation
  • 3D kitchen cabinet design and image
  • Competitive price
  • Great post-sale services
  • Responsive customer support
  • Lifetime warranty for all aluminium kitchen cabinets

BLENO aluminium kitchen cabinets are made from top quality aluminium that is high in strength. It is durable to withstand against long term pressure and impact from daily activities.

Unlike ordinary aluminium cabinets, BLENO’s cabinet carcasses are connected with multiple aluminium planks.

Well structured aluminium back panel

This special structure provides cabinet with stronger support and more durable than ordinary aluminium cabinet.

Other than that, BLENO aluminium kitchen cabinets also come with attractive features beyond compare.

BLENO Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet Special Features:

  • Thick aluminium cabinet carcasses for better strength
  • Soft closing hinges for all cabinet drawers and doors
  • ‘Blum’ and ‘Hettich’ fittings with lifetime warranty
  • Anti-rust stainless steel screws and fasteners
  • 1 year warranty on regular fittings and accessories
  • Appealing crystal glass casement and door panels
  • Lasting powder coated frame
  • Cabinet drawers with side glass panels
  • Thick aluminium cabinet carcasses for better strength

BLENO Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

BLENO Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

3. Top 12 Advantages Of Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Aluminium kitchen cabinets are often being compared with traditional wood cabinets in terms of price, durability and designs.

To be honest, the price of aluminium kitchen cabinets are slightly higher. But don’t forget that aluminium kitchen cabinets have longer lifespan compared to traditional wood cabinets.

Not just that, there are plenty more advantages offered by aluminium kitchen cabinets that outweigh traditional wood derivatives cabinets.

Let’s check out some of the amazing benefits of aluminium kitchen cabinet


3.1 Durable

Among materials most commonly used for kitchen cabinet include wood, particleboard, MDF and HDF, Aluminium is the best.

Wonder why?

As moisture and heat are common in the kitchen, aluminium is the only material that can withstand both without being affected.

Aluminium kitchen cabinets are more durable, robust and tougher when compared to kitchen cabinets produced from any other materials.


3.2 Lasting Performance

It is no surprise to find quality aluminium kitchen cabinets can actually last for a lifetime.

The secret to longer lasting aluminium kitchen cabinets lies within the thickness and structure of carcasses. Thick aluminium carcass provide better support and does not bend or de-shaped easily.

BLENO uses thicker aluminium compared to other manufacturers

However, there’s a catch!

Do not fall into the trap by thinking all aluminium kitchen cabinet have equally same lifespan. The quality of aluminium used could make a lot of difference.

Expert Tips!

Thin aluminium carcasses are soft and less robust. Lower quality aluminium cabinets are prone to have problems like downward slanting or tilt into a particular direction in just a few years time.

Be careful when selecting the type of aluminium kitchen cabinets as you may found different prices on the same size of kitchen cabinets due to different aluminium quality used.

All kitchen cabinets manufactured in BLENO are made of quality aluminium which will not bend, dent or de-shaped easily over time.


3.3 Waterproof

Moisture is a big enemy to any of wood derivatives kitchen cabinet as it may cause warping and swelling of cabinet parts.

Eventually, the damaged area becomes soften and unable to support heavy load of usage.

Aluminium however is totally waterproof. Any residues of moisture from damped kitchenwares will not do any harm to aluminium kitchen cabinets.


3.4 Chemical Resistant

If you are concern about safety of having aluminium in the place where meal is prepared, here’s an interesting fact you should know…

Surface of aluminium is surrounded by a thin oxide layer around that becomes it’s natural protection against weak chemicals.

As aluminium is a very stable metal, it basically does not react with any spillage of mild acidic liquid including vinegar and ketchup.

Aluminium cabinet resistant vinegar

Powder coated colors on the frame of aluminium kitchen cabinets also do not fade or dull when contact with water. So aluminium is definitely safe to be used on kitchen cabinet.


3.5 Odourless and Hygienic

If you ever have wood or fiberboard kitchen cabinets at home, you are probably familiar with the unappetizing, old and musty smells found in the cabinets.

Aluminium kitchen cabinets however will never have the same problems like wood or fiberboard kitchen cabinets. Aluminium is odorless and more hygienic compared to wood or fiberboard.

The non-porous surface of aluminium actually prevent it from becoming the breeding ground of bacteria and harmful microorganism.

Needless to say, you can be sure that there is totally zero chance for growth of mold or mildew on aluminium kitchen cabinets.


3.6 Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Ease of clean and maintenance of BLENO aluminium kitchen cabinet

Unlike wood or fiberboard cabinets, aluminium kitchen cabinets do not require much care and maintenance.

Cleanliness of aluminium kitchen cabinets can simply be maintained by wiping off dirt, dust and grease with damp cloth.

Due to ease of cleaning and maintenance, aluminium kitchen cabinets fit in perfectly to the hectic lifestyle of working homeowners.

Expert Tips!

Although aluminium is chemical resistant, but this does not mean you are free to use strong cleaning agent while cleaning. 

Strong detergent or chemical will greatly tarnish aluminium surface and even affects it’s durability.

3.7 Anti-rust

The stable nature of aluminium and it’s oxidized finishing help prevent aluminium cabinets from rusting.

BLENO uses genuine and quality aluminium material that guarantees you 100% anti-rust kitchen cabinets.

Our cabinet carcases can be powder coated to dark grey instead of original matte silver color of aluminium. Not only it enhances overall appearance but also provide homeowners with long-lasting high performance kitchen cabinets.


3.8 Perfect for Different Climate

aluminium cabinet withstand high humidity

Wood or fiberboard kitchen cabinets tend to absorb moisture particularly during raining season.

High humidity or moisture will cause wood or fiberboard to become wet, de-shaped and even rotten.

Aluminium however is not affected by surrounding humidity. In other words, aluminium kitchen cabinets are able to withstand different climate condition without affecting it’s performance.


3.9 Fire Resistant

When it comes to kitchen cabinet, aluminium provide extra safety feature by being fire resistant.

Unlike other types of cabinets that catch fire easily, the nature metal characteristic of aluminium is resistant to fire.

Which means, aluminium is able to withstand high heat without getting burn easily.

Homeowners can rest assured that their aluminum kitchen cabinets will survive under any unfortunate event of fire.


3.10 Customizable Designs and Colors

BLENO cabinets of mix design

If you are thinking aluminium kitchen cabinets are all boring metallic designs that hardly fit in to your home, you could be wrong!

BLENO aluminium kitchen cabinets are totally customizable with plenty of colors and designs for you to choose from.

Starting from cabinet designs and arrangements, door panel materials and even to the color of cabinet frame, customers are free to go according to their preference in creating kitchen cabinet with a touch of individual personality.


3.11 Environmental Friendly

If you are an environment lover, here’s probably the one best reason you should choose aluminium kitchen cabinets.

Aluminium is by far the most environmentally friendly metal on earth!

Unlike wood or MDF kitchen cabinets produced from materials that contribute to deforestation, aluminium kitchen cabinets on the other hand uses aluminium that is 100% recyclable, zero waste and totally sustainable!


3.12 Pests Resistant

Anti termite BLENO aluminium kitchen cabinet

One of the main concerns of many homeowners is wood or fiberboard kitchen cabinets are prone to pests infestation especially termite.

With aluminium kitchen cabinets, you can totally care less on pests infestation problems. Thanks to the non-porous surface of aluminium, pests and termite infestation can be effectively prevented.

BLENO Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

BLENO Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

4. Disadvantages of Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

As nothing is perfect in this world, aluminium kitchen cabinet may have some minor drawbacks that you should know.

But don’t panic yet! We have your back.

Keep reading to find out our solutions to fix each of these drawbacks.


4.1 Clanging Noise

Aluminium kitchen cabinets can be noisy due to clanging sound of metal when closing cabinet doors or drawers.

But fret not! This issue can be easily solved at BLENO.

BLENO uses quality soft-close hinges imported from German together with it’s skillful installation, all cabinet doors and drawers are able to be closed quietly and smoothly.

BLENO uses German made Hettich hinges


4.2 Soft Metal

As aluminium is light-weight and soft, it may prone to indentation.

To overcome this nature weakness of aluminium, BLENO has come out with the solution of using thicker aluminium panels with special designed backing structures.

Such combination has allow BLENO to produce thousands of aluminium kitchen cabinets that are tough, weight sustaining and durable enough to stand the test of time.


4.3 Design Limitations

Most people find metallic look of aluminum kitchen cabinets are limit to only modern and contemporary designs.

BLENO finds breakthrough in aluminium kitchen cabinet designs by offering some of the latest styles including traditional classic wood-grain, elegant mirror glass as well as sleek crystal white designs.

BLENO Wood design door frame

BLENO Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

BLENO Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

5. What You Should Consider When Planning For Kitchen Renovation?


5.1 How often do you cook?

If you are cooking everyday, you would want to take some time on planning the location of drawers, cabinets and accessories that you prefer.

Remember, practical and well-functioned kitchen should be your priority.


5.2 What is your regular cooking method?

Aluminium kitchen suitable to heavy usage

If you tend to deep fry or bake a lot then you might want to install a heavy duty cooking hood for better ventilation.

All you need to do is provide your kitchen cabinet installer with specific measurement of selected cooker hood. They will be able to estimate empty space required for your cooker hood.


5.3 How much do you care about quality?

Are you looking for durable and well-function kitchen cabinets?

Make sure you first land on the right type of materials used for cabinets as it is the key to longer lasting kitchen cabinets.


Never fall into the trap by getting a cheaper aluminium kitchen cabinet and assuming it to be of good quality. The harsh truth is you always get what you paid for.

BLENO produces top quality kitchen cabinets that comes with 10 years warranty. All our kitchen cabinets are made of robust aluminium that do not dent or damage easily.


5.4 How big is your kitchen?

Beautiful aluminium cabinet BLENO

When it comes to designing your kitchen, make sure there is enough space for your desired style and arrangement.

If your kitchen is not big enough do not ever risk on having a kitchen island as it will make your kitchen area looks cluttered.


5.5 What are the basic requirement for your kitchen?

Go through your normal cooking routine and jote down particular details that you prefer.

For example shelves on top of the sink, cutlery drawer next to the stove, storage space, size of your kitchen sink and so on.


5.6 What is your budget?

As kitchen cabinets are expensive, it is necessary to have a good grasp of important details and careful considerations before you make any decision.

Believe it or not, it will spare you from being overwhelmed with the amount you have to pay at the end of the day.

Budget of aluminium kitchen cabinet

Of course, your budget should be set on a realistic market price.

Spend some time on surveying price per foot run for different types of cabinets. Better off, you may also want to request a few quotations from different sources for comparison.


5.7 What can I improve from my current kitchen cabinets?

Learn from the mistakes by identifying what’s wrong with your current kitchen cabinets.

Work together with your kitchen cabinet specialist and fix those pain points when planning your new kitchen cabinetry.


5.8 What type of kitchen cabinet would you prefer?

There are many types of kitchen cabinet in the market.

You will find most kitchen cabinets are commonly made of fiberboards. Wood kitchen cabinets are rarely seen due to scarcity of materials and expensive cost.

If you are looking for both quality and aesthetic, do consider aluminium kitchen cabinet as it is among the best.

Also read: Other BLENO aluminium cabinet products

BLENO aluminium kitchen cabinet types

Here’s what you should always remember: Never make hasty decision and regret later. Instead, do some research and comparison before deciding on the types of kitchen cabinet.

BLENO Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

BLENO Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

6. How to Select The Best Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet?

With all the advantages and outstanding features of aluminium, it is no wonder aluminium kitchen cabinets has become the most sought-after type in the kitchen cabinet world.

But remember, not all aluminium kitchen cabinet offers the same quality and performance.

Let’s get into the important criterias to look for when choosing the best aluminium kitchen cabinet.


6.1 Quality of Aluminium

As aluminium is the main material used in majority parts of the cabinets, choosing good quality aluminium means higher durability of kitchen cabinets.

High quality aluminium normally comes with certain thickness. Cabinet carcasses and back panel that uses thin aluminium may not be strong enough to support required load and weight.

This is where you should pay attention to: Aluminium used should never be thin, bend or deformed easily.

BLENO is particular in material selection as this is the key to long-lasting kitchen cabinets. Aluminium material used by BLENO is high in quality with standard thickness and strength.

Thick aluminium for BLENO kitchen cabinet


6.2 Tabletop Material

Tabletop is sometimes known as countertop or worktop.

There are many types of tabletop materials available in the market. Each materials consist of different properties.

To make things simple, here’s a detailed comparison between each tabletop materials.

Composition Heat Resistance Stain Resistance Scratch Resistance Price range Maintenance
Granite Natural stone High heat resistance Porous surface, may be stain High scratch resistant Available from low to high price range Require immediate cleaning of spillage, annual sealing is needed
Quartz Engineered stone Moderate heat resistance Non-porous surface, resistant to stain Extremely scratch resistant Price range starts from medium to high avoid direct contact with hot items
Marble Natural stone High heat resistance Very porous surface, easy to stain Soft, scratched easily High price range Surface resealing required every year
Solid Surface Synthetic resin Moderate resistance Non-porous surface, resistant to stain Moderate Scratch resistant Low to medium price range Touch up from time to time (eg. sand off burn marks and holes)
Tile Clay, minerals High heat resistance Semi-porous, moderate stain resistant Moderate Scratch resistant Lower price range Keep hygiene to prevent build-up of bacteria or mold between seams of tiles

BLENO’s aluminum kitchen cabinets are produced by using quality granite or quartz counter tops, depending on individual preference.

BLENO quartz and granite counter tops

Various colours and texture of granite and quartz tops are available for you to choose from.

If you are interested in getting kitchen cabinets with durable counter tops, you are welcomed to check out the designs and colors at our showroom.

6.3 Cabinet Doors, Frame and Front Panels

Unlike wood or fiberboard kitchen cabinets, aluminium kitchen cabinets use solely aluminium doors and front panels.

If you are worrying about variety in terms of styles and designs, fret not!

There are plenty of colors and designs of aluminium doors and front panels for you to choose from.

BLENO aluminium kitchen cabinets are fully custom-made. You may mix and match your cabinet with different colors and styles and we will produce it exclusively for you.

Custom-made BLENO aluminium kitchen

In other words, homeowners who engaged with BLENO will hardly find duplicate styles and designs of kitchen cabinets.

Among the kitchen cabinet specialists in Johor Bahru, BLENO is always one step ahead in offering the latest cabinet doors, front panels and overall designs.

BLENO cabinet doors are available in two different categories which are 5mm, 7mm 3G and also 0mm frameless 4G door.

Color of door frame can also be powder coated into black, white or silver according to individual preference.

BLENO poweder coated cabinet door frame

Interested to have a sneak peek on designs current in trend? Drop by our showroom and check out the samples!  


6.4 Function and Performance

There are two main factors that affect on function and performance of aluminium kitchen cabinet.

Obviously, the first factor encompasses hardware and cabinet parts. It is important for homeowners to ensure the quality of cabinet fittings like door hinges, drawer system and hydraulic lifts.

BLENO uses high quality branded cabinet fittings including ‘Blum’ and ‘Hettich’. These fittings are originally imported from Germany and covered with lifetime warranty. Stainless steel screws are also used for longer lasting aluminium kitchen cabinets.

BLUM hydraulic lift system used by BLENO

To achieve well-functioned cabinets with top performance, having high quality cabinet fittings are still not enough.

Skillful installation also plays an important role in this, which leads us to the second factor contributing on performance.

All installers from BLENO are well-trained, skillful and has years of experience in kitchen cabinets installation. You can definitely be sure that your kitchen cabinets are well taken care of.

BLENO cabinet installation

Cabinets with low quality fittings and poor installation will not be able to stand the test of time. You will soon end up with noisy clanging doors and drawers.

In worst case, you will also have difficulty in keeping your door shut completely. However, you will never find these problems from BLENO’s aluminium kitchen cabinets.

BLENO takes pride on the quality of our work. All our kitchen cabinets are covered with lifetime warranty.

If you have any inquiries after installation, our post-sale team will be here to assist you.

BLENO Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

BLENO Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

6.5 Practical and Stylish Features

practical and stylish BLENO aluminium kitchen cabinet

Practical kitchen does not have to compromise on style. In fact, you could achieve both practical and aesthetic in your kitchen design!

All you need to do is incorporate ergonomic features, preferred type of storage and standard work triangle layout in your kitchen plan.

Let’s go into each of this essential parts one by one.


(i) Ergonomic Features

BLENO aluminium kitchen cabinet is ergonomically designed

Never miss out to include ergonomic features in your kitchen plan.

Believe it or not, ergonomically designed kitchen offers advantages far more than you could ever imagine.

Kitchen with ergonomic features helps reduce safety hazards and allow you to cook with proper posture without straining your back.

BLENO helps you to designs ergonomic kitchen cabinets by customizing counter height and positioning wall-mount cabinets as to your preference.


(ii) Storage Types

Do you know there are plenty of storage types available in kitchen design?

Other than common cabinets and drawers, you may also add in transparent display units to show off your collections of luxury glassware.

BLENO glass cabinet door

If you opt for a more trendy style, you may also spare a portion for doorless wall-mounted cabinets.

For those who are doing their research on Instagram or Pinterest, you will definitely be familiar with floating shelves. This rustic floating shelves are all over the place that you could hardly missed. Maybe you should get one of these too!

BLENO offers free on-site measurement and provide 3D graphic drawing for customers to visualise their kitchen plan. So feel free to try out creative storage ideas and let them be part of your dream kitchen!


(iii) Magic Triangle

Efficiency is utmost important when performing cooking tasks, especially when you are in a hurry or plan to have a quick meal.

This is where work triangle comes in to save up more of your time and energy. Besides, this little feature also minimize traffic within kitchen and prevent the cook from being interrupted.

So, what is this magical work triangle?

It is a standard kitchen design rule that links up different workstations into an imaginary triangle.

This basic configuration optimizes kitchen layout while keeping major workspaces reachable without cramping altogether.

Here are a few common work triangle kitchen layouts.


Magic work triangle layout for kitchen

BLENO’s aluminium kitchen cabinet is flexible and can be customized according to any desired layout.

Our in-house designer will also provide customers with 3D graphic layout before each project starts.

BLENO Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

BLENO Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

It’s Your Call!

We all know that the final goal for many homeowners is to choose the right kitchen cabinet that is stylish, well-functioned and durable.

After all, who would want to settle for something less than the price paid?

In terms of price and quality, BLENO could be one of the best aluminium kitchen cabinet specialists available in Johor Bahru.


Contact BLENO for further information

Give us a call or drop us a message and our sales team will be getting in touch with you soon!

BLENO Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

BLENO Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!